Saturday, April 18, 2015

Star Wars Celebration - Day 3

Today I was determined to get into line earlier then yesterday as I really wanted to get into the Celebration store first thing to get one of those Star Wars Celebration 2015 shirts. So I was up and ready by 8 and headed over. I was only three rows from the front this time so I figured I'd be in the halls at about 10:15. Once again Anthony Daniels was walking up and down the rows greeting fans and taking pictures with little kids. He truly loves his fans... and we love him for it.

The doors open and I was off to the store. I get there and the line is already pretty long but then I noticed a sign that says that Force Awaken and Celebration shirts won't be in stock until 3pm. So my whole plan of getting up early and in line was a waste... oh well what are you gonna do.

Instead I jumped in line to look at the Rancho Obi-wan booth. If you don't know Rancho Obi-wan is a very large Star Wars museum owned by Steve Sansweet in Northern California. He brought down a very, very small portion of his collection. It was cool to see as he has many one of a kind fan made items.

After that I met back up with my brother and we headed over to the Sideshow booth to check out their R2D2 Art exhibit. Like with the Vader Masks they did back for Celebration IV they gave about thirty artists a standard R2D2 Sideshow statue and let them do their thing. Some of these R2's were amazing, some were bizarre and some were just plain cool. I snapped pictures of them all.

We then roamed the halls taking pictures of cosplayers and checking out various booths. We made our way to the Cantina when we saw some familiar faces in there. Our friends Steve and Hayden were dressed at Jedi's and hangout out at the bar. We hooked up with them and continued to walk around the hall. Michael had to head out as his family arrived once again.

Steven, Hayden and I headed up stairs to check out the Astro Droid room. That's always fun as there are so many different kind of Astro droids. I'd love to be able to build my own R2 unit. If not build my own at least buy one... maybe one of these days.

Afterwards we headed back to the halls and grabbed some lunch near the ATAT. I had a choice to make. There was a Rebels panel that I really wanted to do. They were going to show the season finale of season one and then the 2 parter season premiere of season two. I knew it was going to be popular so I had to go now knowing that it was going to be a four hour wait. Not only was this a super long wait time but this conflicted with me getting in line for a Celebration shirt that were going on sale at 3pm. I didn't know which one I should do. I finally decided that I'd go for the shirt since the episodes of Rebels season two will be airing in a month or so and I can watch it then.

So Steve, Hayden and I got in the line for the Celebration store at 1:45 hoping to get in by 3 when the shirts were brought out. This is really the only part of Celebration that kind of sucked as their was a lack of communication and nobody explained the process in which you had to do to get said shirts. As I was standing in line waiting I noticed another line forming over on the other end. When we finally got in just before 3 we were informed that the "shirt" line was capped. So you had to get in line earlier to get into the store so you could go and stand in another line for the shirts... it was poor thought out... Anyways.. they did allow us to get in a "your not guaranteed a shirt" line just in case there were extras. So we opted for that. We stood in this line for over 2 hours waiting and waiting and then we heard the news.. Official Celebration shirts were gone but they still had The Force Awaken shirts available. I didn't plan to get one of those but after standing in line for over 2 hours I was determined to get something. Just as we were about to get in the final line for the shirt they brought out some very cool Darth Vader "Celebration" t-shirts. They had all the same info as the official one so I snapped up one for all three of us and then quickly got back in line with Steve and Hayden to get our Force Awaken shirts (which happen to be pretty fantastic). So in the end we didn't get the shirts we wanted but we got some awesome shirts none-the-less.

We headed back out to the floor to find Chris, Hayley and Luis who were roaming. Chris was cosplaying as Admiral Thrawn, Hayley was Endor Leia and Luis was Han Solo. We didn't get to hangout with them to long as they were entering a cosplay contest and had to head out for that sooner then later. We did get a few group shots in before they had to leave.

Steve, Hayden and I walked around the halls until they closed at 7. We then headed to the food trucks to grab some dinner where we ran into Matt who joined us. After about an hour I headed back to the hotel to rest for an hour before I headed out to Club Cosplay at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. My brother was preforming (as Wheeljack) and he wanted me to check it out.

When I got there my name was on "the list" which meant I had to wait in this long and very slow moving line in order to get my ticket. It took me about 45 minutes to get in and I wasn't happy. I was already tired from the days activities and this place was loud and crowded. I met up with Chris, Hayley, Hayden, Steve, Aaron and my brother. I stayed for about 45 minutes until my brother did his bit which I couldn't see as I was upstairs and not on the floor so I pretty much just stood there surrounded by a ton of people listening to very loud music. Steve came over to me and said that was it, Mike did his thing so I quickly got out of there and crashed back at the hotel.

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