Friday, June 19, 2015

Breathtaking Performance & Chris' 29th Birthday Party

I opted to not to go to NerdStrong today for open gym. My body told me to take a rest and I listened to it for once. I'm sure this weekends workouts are going to be crazy so I'll save up my energy for then. 

I came across this awesome video. It was an act this years America's Got Talent. I love seeing these really interesting performances. The duo is called Freckled Sky. It's breathtaking.. dance, water, video effects all come together for this beautifully moving performance.  Check out the video below.

During the evening I headed over to my buddy Will's place where my best bud Chris was celebrating his 29th birthday. He asked that folks cosplay so I dressed up in my Gryffindor robes. I had a few.. okay many Fireball whiskey shots and was feeling pretty good. It was nice to get to hang with a bunch a friends after the crazy work week that I had had. I didn't want to stay out super late as I had to be up early for the gym but we were having so much fun. The last hour or so of the party we wound up singing Disney song to each other. I left around 1am and I think many of the other people followed my lead. Over all it was a great birthday celebration.

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