Saturday, June 20, 2015

Guest Podcasting: Willow

I spent the evening recording another guest podcast for Treks in Sci Fi with my buddy Chris. Chris and I have been talking about doing a joint podcast for over a year but timing has never been right, but no longer.. we finally were able to get together to record our thoughts on one of my all time favorite fantasy movies Willow.

If you've never seen Willow here's a brief synopsis: In a time of dread, seers have foretold the birth of a child that would bring about the downfall of the powerful Queen Banmorda. When this child is born, her midwife flees with her. But she is hunted down by dog-like creatures and she puts the baby on a wooden raft to be carried out by the river. The Daikini (human) child is found by the Nelwyn (dwarf) family of the farmer and wanna-a-be magician Willow Ufgood. His wife decides to take care of the baby. But when the dog-like creatures attack the Nelwyn village, Willow discloses the baby to the council. The High Aldwin decides that Willow shall take the baby to the crossroad of the Daikini land with a small group and deliver her to a responsible Daikini. But Willow meets the thief Madmartigan locked up in a cage and he believes Madmartigan is not the right person. However he is convinced by his friend to deliver the baby to Madmartigan but soon comes to regret that decision.

Fairy Cherlindrea tells Willow that the baby is Elora Dana from the prophecy and is very special. She also tells him that he must protect Elora and deliver her to a good king and queen who will raise her properly. She also gives him a magic wand to be deliver to Fin Raziel, a powerful sorcerers who will help him achieve his task. Willow embarks on his journey with Madmartigan and the Brownies Franjean and Rool but they are chased by Queen Bavmorda's daughter Sorsha and the evil General Kael. The struggle between good and evil begins.

The recording went great, we had lots of interesting behind the scenes things to talk about. I learned alot more about this movie doing my research for it. If you haven't seen this movie then it's a must watch.. I'll even come over and watch it with you or vice versa ( I own it on DVD and Blu-Ray). I don't know when the podcast will be out but I'm thinking sometime towards the end of July or beginning of August... but as always I'll keep you guys posted.

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