Sunday, June 14, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - When Raptors Attack!!

Today I came to the 9am class (usual go to the 10am) but today my friend Jes was joining me for the free 9am class at NerdStrong. The theme of today's workout is Jurassic World aka Raptor.

We grouped up into teams of three, I teamed up with my buddies Kevin and Derek. Between the three of us we had to do 100x Push Ups, 150x Sit Ups and 200x Squats. And in between each activity we had to do a 250 meter team run. But it wasn't that simple. While one of your team mates was doing the workout the other was doing a wallball hold and the third person got to rest. Then the person who just finished the workout got to rest and the person resting moved on to the wall ball hold and the person who just finished holding the wallball moved on to the workout.

Each workout had a specific way we had to hold the wallball. For push ups we had to do an overhead wallball hold, for sit ups we held the wallball out in front of us and for Squats we laid on our back and held the wallball up above our chest while lifting our feet slightly off the ground. I feel the worst of these was definately lying on your back and holding the wallball above your head while lifting your legs... that took a lot of core to hold that position.

Oh and I almost forgot..  every five minutes Pterodactyl's would attack us, which meant that coach Andrew would roll an 8 sided dice and what ever number it landed on would be the number of Burpees we had to do. This meant whatever we were doing we had to stop and do them immediately.

Before we started each task my team we come up with a number of times each of us would do it. Depending on what it was we did anywhere between 10 to 25 each before the next person would take over. We did this over and over until we reach our goal number.

My team rocked it.. it was a really fun workout and I'm glad my friend Jes was able to join me for it. Hopefully more friends will join in the fun for Free 9am Sunday classes here at NerdStrong.

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