Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Wow...What A Workout

It's Wednesday which means CON day at NerdStrong Gym. But instead of coach Blair we had coach Christy and boy we thought coach Blairs workouts were rough.. this one was a killer.

First I want to say I finally got my NerdStrong t-shirt last night. So this was going to be my first time wearing it. It's a bit smaller then I had expected but it's just the fact that I'm not use to wearing such tight clothing.. eventually I got use to the tightness and after a while thought it looked pretty good on me.

Now back to the workout.. we started with lots and lots of stretching, samson stretches, calf stretches, hurdler stretches and couch stretches.

This has a 40 minute timecap on it.  We started with a 1000 meter run (that's four times around the parking lot), came back into the gym and did 30x Wallballs, 30x Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with a Kettlebell before doing your 2nd 1000 meter run around the parking lot. We then came back in and did 30x Slamballs and 30x Kettlebell Swings. We went back out for our 3rd 1000 meter run before coming back in and doing 30x Overhead Walking Lunges and 30x Knees to Elbows and finally doing our 4th and final 1000 meter run.

I started off great, I had a nice pace to my run. I came in and did the 30 wallballs 10 at a time and then moved on to the 30 sumo deadlifts, which weren't to taxing. I did the second run and was starting to feel a bit tired but continued to run the entire time. I came back and did the 30 slamballs with easy but the 30 kettlebell swings were a bit tough. I strained my back last month while doing kettlebells so when I do them know it's always in the back of my mind that I'm going to hurt myself again. But I managed to finish and began the third run, at this point I was falling to the back of the pack but we steady. I considered only doing 500 meters so I would have enough time to complete the entire workout as time was dwindling fast... but I opted to push myself a bit more to get the 1000 meters done. I quickly went back in the gym and did the 30 overhead lunges and began to feel the pain in my knees, my body was getting tired. I struggled with the knees to elbows and did 5 at a time until I hit my goal of 30. All I had left was the 1000 meter run but only a few minutes to do it. I figured I'd do as much of it as I could and by the time 40 minutes was up I had just finished my second lap (500 meters).

Though I didn't finish the workout completely I am very happy with how far I got. Thanks coach Christy for giving coach Blair's workout a run for their money.. this one was definitely tough.

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