Saturday, June 20, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Zombiez!!!

Zombiez are once again attacking NerdStrong Gym.  We started with a good warm up of 5x Burpees, 20x Mountain Climbers & 7x Dumbbell Curls 2 Press and we had to do everything twice. As I said it was a good warm up (mini workout).

For the actual workout it was 30x Goblet Squats, 30x Push Ups, 30x Slamballs, 30x Leg Levers, 30x Battleropes (2 hand slams), 30x Wallballs, 30x Box Jumps, 30x Lunges, Run 2 Laps around the parking lot and finally Row 500 meters.

We had 12 minutes to finish all these things or the Zombiez turned into SuperZombiez which meant we added +20 reps to our already 30 reps or another 250 meters to the row and another lap to the run.

The order in which you did these workouts was random as we were all handed a red solo cup with each workout on a piece of paper. You reached in and pulled out a piece and that's what you did.

It's a tough workout but enjoyable, nothing is to taxing as long as you pace yourself but you don't want to move to slow as you want to have to many things to do after the 12 minutes as the workouts almost double in toughness. I'm happy to say that I had all but two workouts done before the 12 minutes was up so I got stuck with SuperZombiez for Slamballs x50 and the Run 3 laps. But I'm happy to say that I finished everything before time ran out at the end of class.

Overall another fantastic workout, next time we do the Zombiez workout I think I'll try and do the "hardcore" version.

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