Sunday, June 21, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - I Aint Afraid Of No Ghost

Though I missed the Ghostbuster movie night last night I am looking forward to the Ghostbuster workout today. And what is even cooler three of my friends came to the earlier 9am (Free class). Jes who had been previously and friends Robert and Cait, both are first timers. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do and become members of the this awesome gym.

Sunday's classes are extremely busy this month. Sunday's have always been popular but it seems that each class is full (20 people). The 9am is even busier since the noobs join that class and don't sign up like members. It's awesome to see fifty or so people in the gym (when the 9am is almost over and the 10am is about to begin). So many awesome nerds. 

Today's workout was all about stations. I love station workouts. Here's the breakdown. Station 1 was Waiter's Walk, Station 2 is Medball Run, Station 3 is Dumbbell Thrusters, Station 4 is Step-Ups, Station 5 is 2 Handed Battleropes and Station 6 is Rest.

We were broken up into teams of four. We did 1 minute of workout before moving on to the next station with no rest inbetween. We were doing 4 rounds of each. Each team started at a different station and after a minute moved on to the next one on the list and so on. My team started with Station 3, Dumbbell Thrusters, then moved on to Step Ups, then Battleropes before taking our mandatory minute rest (the wonderful station 6). We then did Waiter's Walk (which is holding dumbbells overhead and walking back and forth). We then did a Medball Run and coach David gave me an particularly heavy medball before starting all over again. 

The workout was tough but fun, as usual the first few rounds you're feeling pretty good, but round three you start to feel it more and more and by the time round 4 comes, you just want to it to be over. Thanks to all the coaches as there were quite a few of them here today.. Coach Andrew, Coach Marla, Coach Christy, Coach Kimi and Coach David. Another amazing workout!!

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