Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day & Football

Today is Father's Day.. so after NerdStrong I headed out to visit my dad. I planned to take him out to lunch for Father's Day but when I got to my brother's (he lives with them) I found out that my nephew Kenobi was having one of his flag football games so before we went out to lunch we headed over to watch him play. It was cute watching these little guys run around. He's only 6 so it's wasn't the most active game of football but it was still exciting. Kenobi play quarterback and he's really good at throwing the ball. My brother Mike is also one of the coaches. Unfortunately they lost this game but the kids had a blast and that's all that really matters.

After the game Dad and I went to Marie Calendars (his choice), he wanted pie for dessert and they have some of the best. We enjoyed a nice late lunch and then went to Walmart as my Dad needed to pick up a few things.

Back at my brothers I got hang out with the family for a few hours before heading home. I'm so thankful to be so close (within a 2 hour drive) to my family. It's great seeing my niece and nephew grow into awesome kids each with a very different personality.

My Dad and I have grown closer as we've gotten older, he wasn't really around when I was younger as he was always working taking care of his family. When he got cancer the first time back when I was in collage we grew closer and I've made it a habit to visit him at least two to three times a month. His health has gone up and down over the years but he's a survivor. He is the reason why I am a geek in the first place.. he loved Star Wars and took me to many, many viewings back in 77. He also is responsible for me collecting toys as he bought me my first Star Wars action figures. Though he may not have been around for me when I was younger I always knew he was there making sure that my brother and I had everything that we needed. He's a great dad but an amazing grandfather and loves his grand kids to death and I truly believe they are why he is still around. Happy Father's Day Dad.. Love you.

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