Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TV Finale Reaction Videos

So I was writing my blog about the finale of Flash and wanted to watch a few key scenes to get me back to the excitement that I was feeling when I first watched it. But as I was searching you tube I came across "reaction" videos. These are people watching finales of shows and recording their reactions. Yeah my whole day was shot after that. I spent the next six hours watching various videos of people watching the finales of Agents of SHIELD, Flash, Arrow, Supergirl sneak peak, Legends of Tomorrow trailer and the Star Wars trailer. The Flash finale seemed to get the most visceral reaction. There were these three girls who were just in tears during the Flash and when Eddie died I thought they were going to die right along with them. Some of my favorite reactions was when Gemma is swallowed up by the Kree block, jaws drops, mouths open and not a word is spoken.. for like 60 seconds... priceless.

Of course some reaction videos are better then others. I really liked these guys, Eric and Aaron from the Blind Wave channel on youtube.. they were one of my first I watched and I really enjoyed their reactions and comments.. these are my kind of geeks :). I went back and watched a bunch of their reaction videos. Check out their reaction video for the Flash finale below.

I actually thought for the next TV season I should record some of my reactions as I know they can be funny at times. Maybe I can get a group of us to watch together and record all of our reactions.

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