Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Squats, Squats and More Squats

After a good warm up today's first workout is all about Squats. We started with 5x Wall Squats, 10x Air Squats, 10x Jump Squats and finally 20x Walking Lunges. We had to do a total of 3 sets of these.

Wall squats are always fun though they must look funny as we are up against a wall with our hands up and slowly sliding down into a squat. Air squats are a piece of cake now. Jump squats are decent but can get tiring. The walking lunges are pretty horrible as I have bad knees and they don't like landing on the gym floor. But I did all three sets and felt pretty good. I probably could have done another three sets before I really started to feel it.

We rested before moving onto the second workout of the day. This one was :30 seconds of workout then :30 seconds of rest. We had to do 4x Frog Hops, then 4x Split Jumps and finally 4x Burpees. This was another good workout, definitely put me through my paces.

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