Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sci Fi Commercial, Superman Tee & A New Dating Site

I came across this cool video and thought to myself.. wow this looks amazing. Is this a TV series or a new movie because I can't wait to see it.. but then at the end everything changes and you realize it's a commercial... I was beyond bummed. I mean it had a touch of Fantasy and a huge amount of sci fi and it looked incredible.. well done to Canal+, well done.

I got this awesome new T-shirt today from Tee Fury. When I saw the design it was an insta-buy. If you know me you know I LOVE Superman and especially the Christopher Reeves era.. I've been trying to not spend money but sometimes you just have to do it and this was one of those times.

I did debate on which color to get it in as it came in three.. navy blue, darker grey and chocolate brown. I knew I didn't want blue and I went back and forth with the grey as the image popped more but I ultimately decided on brown as I think it suited the picture better and brown is my second favorite color (Green is my first). Anyways I'm very happy with the final results.

Now for some personal stuff... the author Daniel Errico of that children's book that I adore "The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived" contacted me on Twitter to thank me for the support and said that he checked out my blog and read up on me a bit and thought I sounded "kickass". We direct tweeted back and forth seven or eight times, discussing his book and various other topics. It's always fun when someone you admire contacts you out of the blue to thank you for your support.

And even more personal news.. I signed up for the dating site "Our Time" It's a dating site for the more mature person 50+ (even though I'm only 44, soon to be 45 I figured I'd find a better man on this site). I actually signed up about a year ago but only had the free service which really meant you couldn't do anything. I kept getting emails saying, you have six new flirts or you have seven new messages but of course since I didn't pay I couldn't check them out. Now that I had over 100 messages and a large amount of flirts I figured I'd pay for a month and see if anything of these guys were worth getting to know. First of all let me say that if you're going to put a picture up on your profile you should at least try and put a good one up. Some of these guys profile pixs are horrible. And I'm not talking about their looks I'm talking about the lighting, the angle and the blurriness.

So I perused all the messages and flirts that I got. I just deleted the ones that were over a month old and only looked at the recent ones. Of those guys about half were not my type and a quarter were cute but when I read their bios (if they bothered to file one out) we had nothing in common. The few that were cute and we had a bit in common I sent messages to but none of them seemed geeky enough for me. I seem to be a rarity on that site.. maybe this clientele is just to old for me. I have the service for a month and I'll keep looking but so far this dating site isn't doing so well.

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