Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Handstands & Box Jumps

It's DEX day at NerdStrong and that meant Handstands and Box Jumps. After a really good warm up that concluded with a new move called a Bear Crab. This involved doing a Bear crawl, which means walking on all four with a hunch backed and then when you got to the other side of the gym you turned around, got on your back, grabbed a medicine ball and placed it in your lap and then do a crab walk back. It was tough but alot of fun.. I can see doing that as part of an actual workout.

Once we were done with the warm up we spent about fifteen minutes practicing the hand stand. It can be frustrating at times when you already know the movement but have to wait while they explain it step by step for those who have never done it before. But honestly it's a good refresher and a good way to make sure you are doing it properly. I have found many movements that I have been doing wrong for years.

We then moved on to the actual workout which consisted of 5 rounds of 1 Max Handstand Hold and then 10x Strict Box Jumps. So I would do 1 or 2 handstands and hold them as long as I could and then go do the 10 box jumps. Since I can do a handstand against the wall I started working on moving away from the wall. As a kid I could hold an unassisted handstand for a while, now it's alot tougher but I'm getting better.

As for the box jumps, for my last jump I attempted to jump the highest of the boxes, it's more then half my body height. With everyone watching I manged to clear it with a few inches to spare... it felt pretty good.

Overall a great DEX day.. thanks coach Chrisy for the handstand guidance and to coach David and coach Andrew for the box jump help. NerdStrongers Rock!!!

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