Wednesday, July 1, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - (X-Men) Danger Room

Today's workout is X-Men themed in honor of Coach David's Birthday. He's a huge Cyclops fan so they created "Danger Room" workout.

But before we do the workout we did a fun Wallball warm up. We all teamed up, my partner was my Magic The Gathering arch-nemsis Liz. We had a blast trying to kill each other with the medicine ball as we tossed it back and forth.

This workout consisted of stations (always a favorite of mine). We did 2 minutes at each station then :30 seconds of rest in between. The first was "Colossus", which was a Barbell Complex (Deadlift, Hang Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat and another Push Press. Next was "Kitty Pride" where we did a Half TABATA (but each hold was different and more difficult). We then moved on to "Nightcrawler" which was a Slamball Teleport, which meant we did a Slamball then ran a few yards and grabbed another slamball and slam it down before running back and doing it over and over again back and forth. Next was "Wolverine" those were Kettlebell Deadlift High Pulls and finally "Storm" which was a Dumbbell Lateral Raises. And then the finisher was of course "Cyclops" which were Battleropes for 42 seconds (the age of coach David).

This was an tough workout, two minutes doesn't sound like much but when you're in the middle of it it feels like forever. I was good with the Barbell Complex and that might have been because it was at the beginning of the workout. Kitty was pretty tough especially when the holds are more complex like lifting your right arm and left leg at the same time. Nightcrawlers were exhausting. I ran out of gas at the halfway point but the coaches were there to push me along. Wolverines weren't that tough, though I did get one of the heavier kettlebells. Storm was tough, my arm were like jelly after doing the Wolverines and then you had to hold two weight out in the shape of a T. I dropped down in weight as 15 lbs was a bit to much but even the 10 lbs were killing me.  My arms were dead but I went second on the heavier battlerope just to get it over. We split the 42 seconds in half and did 21 seconds of small waves and then 21 seconds of large waves.. I was so happy when I was done but soon found out that we were doing it twice. As I said... it was a good workout.      HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH DAVID!!!

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