Sunday, June 28, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Taste the Painbow

Today at NerdStrong we got to do one of my favorite workouts, Taste the Painbow aka the Skittles workout.

On March 11th of this year Coach Blair introduced us to this awesome workout. And today it's making it's triumphant return.

It can be an extremely tough workout and I say can because it's a game of chance and that's one of the main reasons why I love it so much.

Here's how it works. Coach Marla has a cup of 44 skittles. Each color represented a workout, Orange we did Burpees, Purple we did Goblet Squats, Yellow was sit ups, Red meant Mountain Climbers and finally Green we ran.

And what makes this so random is that they use a 8 sided and 20 sided die to determine how many of each one we are doing. For the harder workouts (Burpees and Runs) he used an 8 sided die and for the rest he used a 20 sider.

This time around they kept track of what the 9am class had done so we could compare our pain. The other upside to them keeping track is that it gave 10am an advantage as to know how many of each colors were in the glass.. though if you count the numbers, 9am at 42 skittles and 10am had 44.  

Regardless both classes got a good workout.. some good and some very bad rolls. I wound up doing 71 Sit Ups, 38 Burpees, 106 Mountain Climbers, 80 Goblet Squats & Ran quite a bit. Not the worse workout but a good one. Towards the end of the workout you are exhausted but you feel great pride in actually doing all those things in a fairly short amount of time. I hope we get to do this workout again in a few months.

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