Sunday, June 28, 2015

One Final Battle (Pathfinder)

Today was our finale battle for our 5th D&D / Pathfinders campaign. DM Dallas changed things up for our final battle and used Warpath, which is a mass combat gaming system that's compatible with Pathfinder. Each of the main players were in charge of a group of fighters. My little halfling Mage Dashel had 50 Mages under his command.

We had three "guest" players (Jarret, Tamar and Matt) who join in the fun and play the bad guys. Our leader was Zander (Robert) and we placed our armies down. My mages were in the very back of the party as once the opposition discovered we were magic users we would be targeted.. so we waited and waited and waited, 5 1/2 hours into our 6 hours of game play I was finally in a position to attack. It was a good hit (took out an entire army of 500) but not enough for the final blow to the main bad guy. We ran out of time but Dallas had a plan B just in case this happened and one of the minor bad guys turned on the main one and killed him, thus ending the battle.

Even though I only got to play the last fifteen minutes of the 6 hours it was still a fun game. I enjoyed watching everyone battle it out. I think the strategy of keeping the mages back was a good one but I didn't realized how long it would take to move everyone around to make room for my mages to move to the front. It's a slow moving game and I spent three rounds entangled with a fellow players because he kept rolling crap.

This fifth adventure was full of action and lots and lots of fighting.. there were many times when I thought my little mage was going to die but somehow he survived. As he levels up, he's getting more and more powerful spells, which makes for more enjoyable battles.

We've been playing Pathfinder now for 2 1/2 years and I've been thinking about taking a break. If I do my name goes to the bottom of a waiting list and it could be a while before I can re-join. We're currently on a two month hiatus so I have a bit a time to figure things out. For now Dashel will take a break from his adventures and settle down in his little cottage just outside the city with his husband Percy.

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