Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July Awesomeness!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Since it's the fourth, NerdStrong is closed today. But my buddy Derek and fellow NerdStronger decided to get a group together at a local park and play a few sportsball. He invited a bunch of NerdStrongers as well as his friends.

We started with some Frisbee and when more people showed up it turned into Ultimate Frisbee. I had never played Ultimate Frisbee but it's pretty much like football. The goal is to get the Frisbee into your end zone by passing it from person to person. All that running around is an amazing cardio workout. We played one game and even more people came so we picked new teams and played another.

About an hour and a half in we switched to kickball. I haven't played kickball since elementary school. It was like begin a kid all over again. Kickball was definitely alot less of a workout then Ultimate Frisbee.

Both were a lot of fun, I got to meet some new friends and hang with some of my amazing NerdStrong family. I hope this becomes a regular thing as it was a lot of fun. Thanks Derek for putting this all together.

I actually had to leave a little early from these festivities as I had plans to attend my buddy Will's annual Fourth of July celebration. It started at 1pm and I had planned to leave the park at 12 noon but was having such a fun time I didn't get out until a little after 12:30pm. I had to go home first and take a shower before picking up my buddy Dallas and then head out to Will's parent house in Rancho Palos Verdes. 

We got to Will's about 2:30 and a handful of people were there hanging out. This is the third or fourth time I've gone to Will's parents for 4th. They live on a hillside and have the best view of the valley below were you can watch literally hundreds of firework shows at the same time. But before night fall we enjoyed some tasty bbq and some fun pool antics. 

Overall it was a really nice Fourth of July spending it was friends, food and festivities.

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