Thursday, July 2, 2015

Great Video, Geekies, Superman & Captain America

I came across this gentleman Matt Baume's video titled The Worst Reactions to Marriage Equality on You tube and it just struck a cord with me. He articulates what I am feeling inside about all the hate towards gay people and marriage equality... A must watch for everyone (well at least decent human beings).

Today I finished judging the podcasts for The Geekie Awards. This is the third year of this award show and this is also my third year of judging podcasts. Last year I did cosplay as well but that category was removed from this years show. It's always fun listening to fellow podcasters. It's great to hear the different levels of professionalism. Some I hear and are just blown away by the production values, others are just simply interesting. Seems like everyone had a podcast now but only the top of the top make to the Geekies. Thanks Kristen for including me as a judge the past three years. I look forward to many more award shows.

Entertainment Weekly released a new issue of their magazine featuring Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on the cover. The picture had Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. If you know me you know I loved the new Superman (Man of Steel) so I am super pumped to see this movie. I also like the look of Batman and Wonder Woman. I don't know know how much of a role Wonder Woman is going to play in this film. At first I heard just a cameo but now I'm hearing she's a significant part of the movie. They are also going to introduce Aquaman and The Flash, but again I don't know how much of the movie will be dedicated to these characters. All I know DC has some ambitious plans for the next few years.. can't wait to see what comes of it.

In an entirely different universe I came across this "must have" Captain America back pack. I use messengers bags and back packs all the time and I could definitely see myself wearing this. It's a bit pricey at the moment but I'm hoping for a sale or made a birthday present.. either way this will be mine one day. It's a ThinkGeek item so hopefully it will be around for a while. You can check it out HERE.

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