Friday, July 3, 2015

No NerdStrong, Half Day & Jaws

Since my back wasn't feeling so hot I cancelled my open gym today at NerdStrong. I considered going in and working on my arms/biceps but opted to just take it easy as I really want to be better for the Sunday workout.

Most of my friends didn't have to work today since Fourth of July lands on a Saturday. But not me... since we have deadlines and such I had to go in for a halfday. It wound up being only three hours.. so yay!!!

I spent the majority of my dad cleaning my house. My work has been so crazy the past few weeks I haven't been able to do much around my house. Also there was a Star Trek The Next Generation marathon happening on BBC so I kept that on while I cleaned. 

Only geeky thing I have to share with you guys today is this picture that's circulating on social media about Jaws. The story is that these people were participating in an outdoor screening of Jaws. They watched while floating in inner tubes in the middle of a very dark and murky lake. Yeah you couldn't pay me to do that. Jaws terrified me as a kid. I had a fear of going into a pool for years. I still have a fear of the water/ocean because of this movie. Would you do this?

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