Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future & Pilates

Today is the day that Marty and Doc Brown went back to the future.. 10/21/15. People have been waiting for this date since this movie came out 26 years ago (1989). USA Today printed a special edition newspaper that matched the one in the movie. Pepsi made those crazy bottle seen the movie and Nike release a limited edition self tying shoe. Universal even got in on the fun and made a Jaws 19 trailer (which I posted on my blog a few days ago). It seems like everyone is super excited for this day.

Now I will admit that Back to the Future II was my least favorite of the three but it's still always fun to go back and see what they though the "future" would look like. From the flying cars to crazy clothes and them thinking we'd still be using fax machines... their 2015 is alot different then the real 2015.

Since it's Wednesday that means I start my day at NerdStrong Gym with a great and often tough workout.. well I end my day at NerdStrong Gym with a great stretch and core workout doing Pilates. Coach Corrin is the best, she really knows her muscles and anatomy. Taking a class with her is great because not only am I feeling great but I'm being educated as well. Loving my Pilates class.

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