Friday, October 23, 2015

Star Wars Rebels S2 & NerdStrong Game Night

Star Wars Rebels is back!!! We got a taste of season two during the summer with the two episode story "The Siege of Lothal" And after a few months of waiting season two officially started. I was able to watch episode 3 "The Lost Commanders" and 4 "Relics of the Old Republic" of season two.  Here's a quick synsopsis of Ep 3, Having barely escaped total destruction of the rebel cell Phoenix Squadron by Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano sends the Ghost Crew to locate a former military commander somewhere in the Seelos system who has the knowledge of useful hideouts in the Outer Rim. The crew discover the commander to be former clone trooper Captain Rex, accompanied by Commander Wolffe and clone commando Gregor. Kanan is immediately hostile due to the clones' role in Order 66 although Rex claims they removed their brain chips. Ezra negotiates with Rex for information relating to potential bases. In return Gregor enlists them for a hunt by using Zeb as bait to catch an elusive Joopa. With the hunt successful, Rex holds up his end of the deal but Sabine discovers that Wolffe betrayed the Ghost crew's location to the Empire. A skirmish with an Imperial probe damages the Phantom shuttle, the crew is temporarily stranded with the clones waiting for an Imperial assault.

Here's the synopsis of episode 4, The Empire tracks the Lothal Rebels to Seelos. Admiral Konstantine and Agent Kallus arrive at the Seelos System to capture the Jedi. Rex gives the Lothal Rebels a datachip containing old Republic bases in the Outer Rim. Ezra tries to persuade the clones to join the Rebellion, but Rex and the clones instead offer to delay the Empire so the Lothal Rebels can escape. Agent Kallus commands the clones to hand over the Rebels, but when Rex refuses, Kallus arrives with three AT-ATs. Taking advantage of a sandstorm and the Force, Kanan, Ezra and the clones use their AT-TE's main gun to destroy one of the AT-ATs. Meanwhile, Admiral Konstantine is summoned away by Darth Vader. Instead of meeting him, the admiral meets Fifth Brother, who claims that he will succeed where Kallus and Konstantine have failed. The Lothal Rebels prepare to leave on the Phantom, but Ezra is unwilling to leave Rex and the clones behind. Kanan, Ezra, and Zeb commandeer one of the AT-ATs and turn its weapons on Kallus' AT-AT which Rex destroys with a critical hit. Kallus flees the battle on a speeder. Hera returns to pick up the clones and the Ghost crew. Returning to the Rebel flotilla, the Lothal Rebels and Rex reunite with Ahsoka.

So much awesome in both of these episodes. Rebels was good during season one but I was coming off of Clone Wars which was AMAZING so it was hard for me not to compare the two and Clone Wars was coming out way ahead. But I have to admit they have really stepped up their game with season 2. Besides the fact that they added one of my favorite characters from Clone Wars (Ahsoka) to the show with these two episodes they added another Rex. It's great to see what happen to some of the clone when the war ended. Watching Kanan struggle with trusting them (as he should) and Ezra really not understanding Kanan's distrust.

The second episode revealed AT-AT's which took me back to my childhood so it was awesome seeing these in action. And of course my favorite part of both of these episodes is the reuniting of Ahsoka and Rex... so many feels.  I'm really looking forward to this new season of Rebels, if these few episodes are any indication of what's to come we are in for an amazing ride.

During the evening I headed to NerdStrong for our monthly Game Night. As always it's a total blast playing board games with these peoples. We started the night play Russian Roulette Pie Face. We had two of the Pie Face games and we set them up across from each other. Two people sit down and one at the time they would twist the knob and hope to not be smacked in the face with whip cream. It was a lot of fun.

I then jumped on a game called Catacombs, it looked like a lot of fun but was brand new so we had to set it up by putting a ton of stickers on pieces. It took us a while to do it and by the time we started playing (it was extremely complicated) we were kind of over it and when the owner of the game had to leave we were more then happy to box it up for another day.

The final game I played for the night was called Escape 'The Curse of the Temple'. This was alot of fun and definitely something I can see myself buying so I can play it with other friends.

Overall it was another fun game night... can't wait until next month.

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