Sunday, October 18, 2015

Star Wars 7 Poster, Chris Evens is Hot, Team Carter Wins & Family

They released a new poster for Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens and it's pretty fantastic. It's not done by Drew Struzan which is a shame as he is an amazing artist and I have loved his previous works (including many of the previous Star Wars movies). But I have to say it's still very much in his "style". Which begs the question, why didn't they just have Drew do it? Still I'm super excited for this movie and I can't wait for the new trailer to drop tomorrow during Monday Night Football.

I came across this Captain American GIF and just had to share it. I mean is there a better example of the male specimen, Chris Evens is just so dang cute and seems like a very sweet and generous man which makes him even hotter.

Staying in the Marvel Universe for a minute.. the Dubsmash war between the Agent Carter actors and Agents of Shield actors is over and the underdog Agent Carter came from behind at the last minute to win the war. You can check out all their fun videos HERE.

I was Team Carter all the way so I am very happy with the results but both teams did an amazing job collecting donations for their two charities. I have a feeling this isn't the end of the war between these two shows.. can't wait to see what's next for them.

There truly is no loser here.. both teams were amazing and together they raised a combined total of $154,329 for their two charities

Today I got to spend some time with my Dad and my brother's family. I got to take dad out to my favorite Chinese restaurant and when I got back I got to hang out with my niece Molly and nephew Kenobi. I brought along my Pie Face game as I figured the kids would get a kick out of it. Of course I had to do it first and show them how it worked and that it didn't hurt getting hit in the face. Then surprisingly Kenobi was much more keen on doing it then Molly. I thought it would be the complete opposite as Molly is the gung ho type of kid and Kenobi is more like me and reserved.

Kenobi and I had a great time getting smacked in the face with whip cream over and over, even my sister-in-law Lora got in on the fun and towards the end my niece joined in, but I think she just liked eating the whip cream.

Afterwards I went out on the trampoline with the kids, I'm so thankful that I'm going to the gym and being more active as these kids are full on energy and run circles around me. I can usually keep up with them for an hour or so before I have to call it quits and rest. But we had some fun times on the trampoline.

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