Sunday, October 18, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Zombie Fights

Today at NerdStrong Gym.. Army of Darkness themed workout. This was one of the more complicated workouts, here is how it works. In Teams of 3 we had to do two 12 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) and in this case you wanted to do as many as possible because when you completed a round you got a chainsaw, which would help in a later fight.

At the end of each of these battles we had a Zombie Fight (5 minutes to do 10 Burpees in unison). But how ever many chainsaws we got during the battle would decrease the amount of Zomies (ie Burpees) we had to fight.

But there was a twist, one of the coaches would roll a 4D at the six minute mark, if it landed on 1, which is a crit fail we had to add 5 more burpees to our Zombie fight bringing the total to 15 Burpees. If it landed on 2 we only added two more Burpees to our Zombie fight, 3 we lost 1 chainsaw that we had earned and 4 nothing happened.

The first battle was in the Graveyard, we had to do 20x Push Ups, 30x Sit Ups and 40x Squats. While one person did the workout, one would hold a High Plank and third person would rest. We rotated doing as many as we felt we could do, so of us were better at Push Ups then others so we did a few more and so on. We managed to do four rounds of this battle and got 4 chainsaws, luckly the coach rolled a 4 so nothing happened and my team had to do fight only 6 Zombie (burpees) for this battle.

The second battle was at the Castle Siege, we had to do 20x Ring Rows, 30x Hanging Knee Raises and 40x Reverse Lunges. This time the hold was a Weight Plate Hold. Again like with the previous battle we did as many as we felt we could do and this time we managed to get 3 chainsaws within the allotted time. Unfortunately coach rolled a 3 so we lost one of those chainesaws and wound up fighting 8 Zombies (Burpees).

Overall it was a fun and tough workout. I love these team workouts...

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