Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tom Hiddleston & B5 River of Souls

So I came across this video titled "Fall In Love With Tom Hiddleston in 20 Seconds Or Less" Now there are people out there who are crazy for his Loki character and think he's the hottest thing on Earth. I've never been on that band wagon, I mean he's nice looking and he seems very sweet in interviews.. but he's not all that... OMG after watching this video I fell head over heals and now understand why those who adore him do so... he is just so dang adorkable!!!

After work I headed over to my buddy Robert's place were we continued our first time viewing of Babylon 5. It's been a while since we watched some B5 and we are so close to being completely done with the series. For today's viewing we watched the third Babylon 5 TV movie titled "River of Souls" Here's a quick synopsis: After a short absence from Babylon 5, Michael Garibaldi returns to the station to meet with a person in his employ. An archaeologist in search of a means of immortality brings his most recent find to Babylon 5 – an orb containing one billion souls of an extinct race. Within days a Soul Hunter arrives claiming the orb was stolen from his people. With the assistance of the archaeologist the souls break free from their captivity in the orb and bring havoc to the station.

There was only a handful of the "regular" cast members in this TV movie. Jerry Doyle who plays Garibaldi was the main lead with Tracy Scoggins as Captain Lochley, Jeff Conaway as Zack and Richard Biggs as Dr. Franklin returning to their roles.

I actually really enjoyed this movie, I thought it was better then ThirdSpace (the 2nd TV movie). I enjoyed the story and it didn't bother me that the majority of the main cast members weren't in it. Garibaldi use to be one of my favorite characters on the show but the last few seasons I haven't been a fan of where they took him but he wasn't so bad in this episodes and he reminded me of the Garibaldi I use to enjoy. I really like the character of Captain Lochley, we only got to really get to know her in the final season but it was nice seeing her again in this TV Movie.

We only have two more TV movies to watch and then decide if we are going to watch the short lived spin off series Crusades. But our B5 experience will soon be over.

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