Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Call the Midwife & Star Wars Rebels Season Finales

Tonight I watched two seasons finales.. first was Call the Midwife Season (Series) Four finale. So it's S4 Ep 8, Chummy returns to Nonnatus House. Trixie helps a deaf patient who is concerned that her child may inherit her condition. A patient whose severe sickness is initially dismissed as mere nerves is diagnosed with the serious condition hyperemesis gravidarum but treated with the revolutionary drug thalidomide. Fred's daughter Marlene's interference causes his relationship with Violet to flounder, but with the help of Chummy the couple are reunited and marry. Patsy is heartbroken when Delia is left brain damaged after a traffic accident.

It was great to see Chummy back as I've missed her. I really enjoyed the Deaf mother's storyline and glad it was Trixie and Mary Cynthia who were the midwifes to help, as those are the original midwives and still some of my favorites. I'm glad Trixie's storyline is moving forward, it got pretty dark with her calling a suicide hotline for help but luckily Mary Cynthia was there to help and get her to an AA meeting.

We had a fairly uneventful storyline of a sick mother to be who was cured by the miracle drug thalidomide. And Chummy's storyline of what to do with her mother ashes barely make a mark on this episode. But the Fred's daughter (who's a bitch btw) storyline was okay.. she interferes with Fred and Violets wedding plans but in the end with the help of Chummy sees what she has done and fixes it so Fred marries Violet.

And of course we have Pasty's story. I was super happy to see that they were finally progressing Patsy and Delia's story, they found a place to live and could finally be together and not worry about what people would say. Of course it's short lived as with Willow and Tara (Buffy reference), this lesbian couple isn't meant to have a happy ending. What is worse about this love story is that Delia doesn't die when she is hit by the car, no she suffers brain damage, seizures and amnesia so she doesn't remember the woman she loves... it's heartbreaking.

Over all this season (series) has had some amazing and very dramatic stories. Lots of the characters dealt with a few inner demons. There were laughs, tears and everything in between. I'm sad that it's already over and that we won't see the ladies of Nonnatus House until Christmas for their special and then season (series) five next January.

The second finale I watched was Star Wars Rebels. I actually watched the final two episodes but they were all connected to the previous episode. S1 Ep12 "Rebel Resolve" & Ep13 "Fire Across the Galaxy" After failing to find where Kanan is being detained, Hera is urged by Fulcrum to put the crew of the Ghost into hiding. Against Hera's orders to leave Kanan, Ezra devises a plan to rescue him. He strikes a deal with Vizago and learns that courier droids have been sending messages to and from the Empire due to the destruction of the Imperial communications tower. Meanwhile, Kanan is brought aboard Tarkin's ship where he is tortured by the Inquisitor as the Empire hopes to gain more information about the rebels. The crew of the Ghost eventually learns that Tarkin plans to transfer Kanan to the prison on Mustafar from which no Jedi returns.

The crew of the Ghost seize an Imperial Gozanti-Class Cruiser transport and use a Sabine repainted TIE Fighter that Zeb and Ezra had previously stolen to infiltrate and disable Tarkin's star destroyer in the Mustafar system. Ezra frees Kanan using the duct system while Hera, Sabine and Zeb attempt to secure an escape route. Ambushed in the engine room, Ezra and Kanan vanquish the Inquisitor in a lightsaber duel, critically damaging the engines in the process. Both groups successfully emerge from the doomed destroyer with stolen TIEs, and the stolen transport flown by Chopper appears with a number of other ships including the Ghost to ensure escape into hyperspace. Senator Organa greets the Ghost crew by hologram and Fulcrum, who piloted their ship during the rescue, is revealed to be Ahsoka Tano, who tells the group that they are just one cell out of many working for a larger rebellion. On Lothal following the Inquisitor's death, Tarkin introduces Agent Kallus to another agent selected by Emperor Palpatine to destroy the rebels: Darth Vader.

As I mentioned this was part two and three of the current story arch and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked it because it was a continuing storyline. It reminded me more of how the Clone Wars use to be with multiple episode story arches. I enjoyed these episodes and this first season. But the ending of episode 13 really turned things on it's head. The reveal of Fulcrum being Ahsoka was AWESOME. I mean rumors were abound that this was the case but it was so great seeing her again. Ahsoka was/is one of my favorites from The Clone Wars and her story was tragic and it was so sad when she left mid season five. You always wondered what happened to her.. now will hopefully find out. I do hope they make her more of a regular character in season two. And when the time comes for her EPIC battle with Vader (you know it's going to happen) It will be interesting to see if she knows that Vader is Annikan her former master. And how will Vader feel fighting his once Padawan. Speaking of Vader he was introduced at the very end and seems to be the new "bad" guy going after the Rebels.

And now that the Rebels know that they are only a small part of a bigger picture that's bound to change the feel of the series. Season one was all about these few Rebels giving a good fight on their little planet of Lothal. Getting to know each character and delving a bit into their background. I can't wait to see where they go with season two now that things have changed. Won't have to wait long as Season two starts up soon and we get to see the premiere at Celebration.

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