Sunday, March 8, 2015

D&D / Pathfinder Time

Today was devoted to RPG Pathfinder. We got off to a late start (an hour behind) as many people couldn't make it on time. Once we started things moved very quickly. We found ourselves in a great hall with three levels, the second and third levels were just landings around the outside of the room so you could see down to the bottom floor.  We saw three tables with people on them drenched in oil with candle operas hanging over them. Some of the group (the Rogues and succubus) didn't care about the hostages and wanted to move on, while several others cared about the people but knew this was a trap and knew if we entered we'd be ambushed and wouldn't be able to save the hostages so we opted to go upstairs and try and surprise the mercenaries but three of our team members rushed into the room causing the candle operas to drop and kill the hostages and almost our team members. This also altered the mercenaries to our presence so they were ready when we entered the second floor and battle commenced.

Dash preparing his Magic Missile
Dash casted "web" and manged to cause a few of the mercenaries to get stuck, he also casted "flaming sphere" and lite a few of the mercenaries on fire. This battle took most of the night but we didn't lose that much HP, I think we were equally matched. Then Ginnion (Will's character) decided to go to the third floor and he encountered three Goblins. After a few rounds he requested some help and since we had taken care of most of the mercenaries on the second level, several of us went up to the third level to help him out. Dash casted Phantasmal Killer spell and with some lucky rolls created an illusion that scared a Goblin to death.. it was pretty EPIC!!

Once the second floor mercenaries were death the rest of the team joined us on the third level and the succubus decided to open a door that groans were coming from and we found the twin brothers in charge of the mercenaries using magic to reanimate some dead corpses and that's where the session ended... dun dun dun!!!

Great stuff, thanks again to our DM Dallas who had extra duty since we split into two groups and two different battles in two different rooms. Not sure what's going to happen next since Dash has depleted quite a bit of my spells and it looks like we are going up against two very powerful magic users... should be fun.

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