Thursday, March 12, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - :30 Seconds is Hard!!!

Got to NerdStrong Gym bright and early and watched a bit of the previous class which is a good and bad thing. It's nice to know what you are in for but depending on what it is you might not want to know what is coming until it happens. Either way I usual arrive ten minutes or so before my class so I tend to catch the last few minutes.

First thing we did was a run around the parking lot to help get the blood pumping. My friend Erin and I chatted Star Wars while we did that. We then went in and did a bunch of different stretches for the arms, shoulders, and neck.

We start with some Movement Prep. These were new moves for me. But we did Seated Windshield Wipers, then Boot Strappers and finally Band Resisted Squat Holds.

After our movement prep we moved on to our Skill Move. Today we were doing Back Squats. This is when you take a barball with weight and place it on the back of your neck/shoulders and then squat with it. Andrew wanted us to choose a weight that we could do 3 sets of 5 reps and then a bit heavier and do 3 sets of 3. I teamed up with my buddy Derek as we are both about the same height so we don't have to move the barbell up and down. Both Derek and I were able to do our entire set within the allotted time. My max weight was something like 125 lbs.

We did a second Skill Move, this time it was Strict Press. This workout is also using a barbell with weight. But this is all about your arms as you lift the bar/weights over you head. This one was timed and we had to do 3 lifts in :30 seconds. So we were teamed up again and the first person would do their 3 reps in :30 seconds and then the second person would do their three and so on. In the end we did 4 sets each of 3 Strict Press in 8 minutes.

With only a few minutes left in class we did the workout. This workout was four rounds of the following: One :30 second Hollow Hold, this is where you lie on the ground lift you lefts and shoulders off the ground and hold it. We then did a :30 Plank Hold and then finally 8 Bird Dogs, which means you are on all four and lifting your right arm and left leg at the same time and then vice verse. Those took lots of coordination, which I found out I don't have at 7:50am in the morning after doing a good workout. We didn't do alot but man was it tough holding those position for those :30 seconds, especially during out third and fourth round.

Another fun workout... Thanks Andrew!!

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