Sunday, March 8, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Carrying the Banner

Sunday at NerdStrong means Themed workouts. Today's was all about Newsies. I've never seen the movie or play so I don't really understand the tie in but I loved all the drawings and the workout was pretty great.

We had to team up for this one in teams of two. I was partnered with Marla (who happens to be co-owner of the gym with her husband Andrew, she's also expecting a little baby boy in September).

What was great about this workout is that while one person did the workout the other person just didn't stand there.. they had to hold a weighted club out in front of them next to you. We started with the Farm Walk, which requires you to carry two kettlebells and walk 150 meters while your partner holds out the 10 pound club and walked besides you. I went first and then Marla went. We then moved to the Sandbag Pulls. For this you had a 40 pound sandbag on the end of one of the battleropes and you had to squat and pull the bag to you. You then had to shoulder press it up and walk it back, lay it down and do it over again. We spent 2 minutes on each workout for a total of 4 minutes for the group before getting a minute rest. After the sandbag pulls we moved onto Plyo Pushups. For these they are just regular push ups but you do them against a box and when you come up you clap. These weren't to bad until you get about a minute in and then your arms start to burn... For our final event we had was the Lemon Squeezes, these were by far the worst/hardest things we did. You sit on your butt and lean back without falling over and then pull your knees to your chest while bringing your arms around the knees. I could do three or four of these before my back started hurting and I had to put my feet down.

Overall it was a great but short workout, we actually had about 20 minutes of extra time so we did some group stretches and then just hung out and chatted for a bit. #GoodTimes

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