Saturday, March 14, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Life Challenge

Today was the final workout in an eight week Life Challenge that was happening at NerdStrong Gym. I wasn't a member of the gym then so I didn't do the first one so for me and others who had not done this before it was just a really tough workout.

Last Saturday we did the half Life Challenge and if you remember from my blog I almost died, not really I had a really bad low blood sugar attack. So I was a bit cautious about doing this workout and of course the coaches were looking out for me as well.

We did a good warm up and stretch as we do with every workout. We then partnered up. One person would do the workout while the other "coached" and counted. My partner was Jim and we decided that I would do the workout first.

We had 11 minutes to get as far down the list we could. First up was 150 meter run, then into the gym and start with 30x Air Squats. These weren't a problem, I have air squats down pretty good. I then moved on to Sit Ups.. now these are my Kryptonite, so I was worried but I did a fairly good job getting through those. Afterwards we did Plank Ups. I usually don't mind these but after 30 air squats & 30 sits ups I was getting tired. I stopped a few times but got through it fairly quick. I then moved on to Lunges which were a piece of cake. Next up was Bicycles, these are tough for me because of my stomach. But I do them the best I can. With time running out it was time for Push Ups, like with Sit Ups these are tough for me. I can do a good amount of them but after a while my arms start to die and after all that I had done before I could barely do them. I attacked them five at a time and was at number 35 or 40 when time ran out and the test was over... In all I did 185 reps.

I was hoping to get to the Lunges but surprised myself and I actually almost got through Push Ups. Not bad for my first Life Challenge.

Afterwards I was tired, my arms were dead and I wasn't feeling quite right. I was dizzy when I stood so I sat down and drank some water. The dizziness wasn't going away so I made my way to my car to grab a butterscotch hard candy. I was hoping sugar would help out and it did. Only a few minutes later I was feeling better and just in time as my workout partner Jim returned from his run and was ready to start his workout.

It was a tough workout but a good one. It was a crazy challenge and only a few of the coaches got to a few of the Burpees. If we do it again I hope to do better.. maybe we to Flutter kicks or beyond. 

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  1. Yayyyy!! Good for you to be doing any of it at all. Ease into it or even halve the routine until you work up to it, just don't be discouraged. You can do this!!! Cheering for you!