Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Taste the Rainbow

Today's workout had a fun theme... "Taste The Painbow" and included an 8 and 20 sided die along with Skittles.

Since this is Wednesday that meant we had coach Blair to dish out the pain today.

This workout was all about "random" and "chance". Blair had a pocket full of Skittles and each color of Skittles were assigned a workout. So Orange we did Burpees, Purple we did Squats, Yellow was sit ups, Red meant Mountain Climbers and finally Green we ran.

And to make it even more random he'd use an 8 & 20 sided die to tell us how many of each of those we had to do. For the harder workouts (Burpees and Runs) he used an 8 sided die and for the rest he used a 20 sider. Luckily he included scale down version of each of these workouts. So if you couldn't do any more Burpees then you could do simple Push Ups and if those were to hard then Knee Ups were fine.

The workout ran for 40 minutes straight, of course we had the option to "rest" if a Green (Run) skittle showed up. Overall the dice were kind to us.. we got a few 20's, 19's and 18's but for the most part we got decent numbers.. even a few low ones like 1, 2 and 4. We did get a few sit ups or squats in a row which was rough, but over all it was a really good workout. And though situps are always tough for me as well as the dreaded Burpees, I did pretty good with the Squats, Mountain Climb and Runs.

And I'm starting to think that the "CON" classes don't mean Conditioning but instead mean Constant as these workouts are relentless. 

Thanks Blair for an interesting and totally random way of working out.. it was a blast.

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