Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - It's All About TABATA

Since I did my Fix Fax this morning I had to postpone my NerdStrong workout until the evening. So I got off work a bit early just so I could get to the gym on time.

Tonight's coach was head coach Andrew. We started warm ups with a new move called Monkey Walk, these are almost as bad as Squat Walks which we also did. We also did Plank Pulls. These were some tough warm up stretches.

Next we worked on some Skills. We had a time limit of 15 minutes to do as many of these as we could. 1x Ring Controls, these were tough, you see gymnast do them with ease and I use to do these when I was a kid but now it extremely difficult. But I am happy to say I did a few each time but couldn't hold the form for more then a few seconds. Box Dips were a bit easier, we had to do 7 to 10 reps each. And finally the last thing we did for this section I thought it was the easiest.. Situp 2 Straddle, we had to do 15 of those. The goal was to do x5 of each of these with in the allotted time.

Next were TABATA (which means :20 second work, :10 break x8 times) We started with Box Jumps, we paired up for these so one person would jump and then the second and so on. Up until the last few jumps I was doing pretty good. I lost my footing on one of the jumps on almost took a fall but managed to stable myself in time. After the full TABATA we did a half TABATA which meant the same :20 seconds of work, :10 seconds of rest but only 4 reps of each. But these were different as Andrew made us "rest" at the worse possible spot. So we had to do Squats and rest at the bottom, then Push ups and rest at the top and finally Slamballs and rest while the ball was over head. In theory this doesn't sounds tough but after going for almost an hour and then doing these, it was tough. I struggled to finish each :20 seconds, which doesn't sound like a lot of time but man when your tired it feel like an hour.

Overall it was another great workout. Yes it was tough but then we wouldn't be doing the workouts if they were easy. Andrew and team know exactly how hard to push you. Crazy thing about tonight's workout is that I get to come back tomorrow morning and do another workout with Blair (which I know is going to be hell)... can't wait!!

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