Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi, Cell Block Tango & St. Patrick's Celebration

Today is a very special day.. not only is it Pi Day but it's the Ultimate Pi Day as this day only happens once in lifetime (well unless you live over 100 years old). Today is 3/14/15 and at 9:26:53am the number is 3.141592653... Of course this only works in the US and they way we format our time and date, but it's pretty cool.

Came across this and thought it was pretty great. It's the "Cell Block Tango" number from the musical Chicago but it's done by an all male cast. Check it out..

During the evening I went to my buddy Will's annual Saint Patrick's Day celebration. He goes all out and makes corned beef and cabbage and serves it with soda bread. Last year I missed it as I was actually in Dublin on Saint Patrick's Day. The hat I'm wearing in the picture I purchased in Dublin to wear around that city on that day.

The Party was great, lots of people, most I didn't know but a few of my friends showed up later in the night. I did get to catch up with my buddy Alex who I haven't seen in over five years. I got to catch up with my friends Marissa, Gabe and Jen. I enjoyed come corned beef (which was amazing) and I ate a limit amount of soda bread, which was difficult as I could have eaten the entire loaf. I was a good boy and only stayed til about 12:30am as I had to be up early for the gym.

It was a fun night of great music, fun friends, delicious foods and all things Irish!!

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