Sunday, March 15, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Defeating the DeathStar

It's Sunday that means Themed workout and today is all about Star Wars.

We were broken up into two teams.. Rebels and Imperials, I was a Rebel. The Rebel's job was to blow up the DeathStar and the Imperials job was to stop us.

We were working in teams of two.. my partner and fellow Rebel was Erin. She's a fellow Ahsoka lover.

Anyways there were six teams of two (3 rebels and 3 imperials). Which ever team finished first would win. So if a Rebels team won we blew up the DeathStar, if an Imperial team won they would have defeated the Rebels and prevented the destruction of the DeathStar.

The workout today was a tough one, we (my partner and I) had to do 200 WallBalls combined. We would switch out every minute. Now the person who was not doing the WallBalls didn't get to rest and wait.. no we had to work with SlamBalls. First was SlamBall Sit Ups, once the WallBall person hit 50 WallBalls we moved on to SlamBall Push Ups. When we hit 100 WallBalls, we moved on to SlamBall Twists until we hit 150 and then we did just regular SlamBalls until we hit 200 WallBalls.

I was a bit confused at first but quickly figured out what was going on. Erin started and did something like 18 WallBalls in a minute, while she was doing those I was doing SlamBalls Sit Ups. After a minute we switched and I continued the WallBalls 19 to 45 while Erin worked on her SlamBalls Sit Ups. Then after a minute we'd switch again and Erin did WallBalls and I did SlamBalls Sit Ups, but when Erin hit 50 she yelled out "50" and I would change from SlamBall Sit Ups to SlamBall Push Ups until one of us hit 100 WallBalls and so on. It was a gruelling workout as there really is never a time to stop and rest. You went from WallBalls to SlamBalls and back again.

The Rebels were in the lead for the majority of the workout but the Imperials sneaked ahead at the end and finished first ensuring that the DeathStar lived to see another day. But us Rebels may have been defeated but we will just re-group and launch an even better attack in the near future.

Though the Imperials won this battle, everyone was given the opportunity to blow up the DeathStar. They set up a large tire as the exhaust port and we had to stand about 20 or so feet back and toss a SlamBall into the tire. It's a lot harder then it sounds and only a few us were successful in getting the SlamBall in the tire.. I was not one of them :(

Overall it was an extremely fun though very hard workout. And just on a side note, Andrew almost had his own rebellion to deal with... when he picked teams he just numbered us 1's and 2's and then said all 1's are Rebels and all 2's are Imperials.. well several folks were not happy with their lot,  so instead we just said Rebels over here and Imperials over there and it just so happen that 6 went to Rebels and 6 went to Imperials. :)

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