Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Medballs, Dumbbells & Rowing.. Oh My!!

Today's workout was a rough one, but I think I say that about all of them as they all have there challenges. There were only 4 people (including me) at the 7am class (which is worrisome because if they do away with this class I'll have to come at 6am which I don't think my body could do... okay I know if can do it but I just don't wanna).

We started with this crazy agility warm up.  They had a twenty or so foot ladder on the ground and we had to do various jumps in and out of the ladder. We started with Bunny Hops, which were a piece of cake but then we started to do In/Out Hops, which was a bit more difficult. We then did Toe Touches on the Right and then Left, which weren't that bad. Then we did High Knees which were pretty easy once you got he rhythm down and then Marla showed us this two feet in, one foot out thing and I just couldn't get it, I felt very uncoordinated. That was until Marla put a beat to the steps and in the last five feet I was able to do the correct hop. Oh and I forgot to mention at the end of every hop we had to run around four cones. So that meant we ran seven times around those cones. It was a very tiring warm up.

Now it was time for the workout, there were four stations, station one was Medball Throw x10 (each side). Station two was 10x Dumbbell Toe Touch and then 7X Push Ups. Station three we had to so 10 - 15x Hang Clean with the sandbags. And finally the fourth station was Rowing.

We were doing each station for two minutes so if you finished the reps at one station you just did them again until the two minutes were up. Two minutes doesn't sound like alot but man when you're tossing a heavy ball against the wall or lifting a 40lbs sandbag you get tired quick.

We did two rounds of each, I started with station two, Dumbells & Push up, then moved on to station three Hang Clean, then station four Rowing (now with rowing you were watching your calories burned and trying to match it on your second row). My last station was one and Medball Throws, which weren't bad the first twenty times but after a while your arms start to tire. Once we were done we did all the stations for a second time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the same calorie burns with my rows.. first one I had 27 and the second I had 22. There was actually a second half to this workout planned (you can see it on the board) but we ran out of time  so we couldn't do it... thankfully,

After the workout I think I laid on the gym floor for about ten minutes trying to recoup. But overall I'm very happy with my performance today. I'm looking forward to tomorrows "CON" workout, I know it's going to be a good one.

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