Thursday, March 19, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Looks Can Be Deceiving

Up early and at NerdStrong Gym. Today's workout didn't look like much but man did it kick my butt. We started with warm ups and this involved running and stretching.

Once again it was a small class with just three guys and a coach working out.  We teamed up and I got to team up with my buddy Dereck. We started with Strict Press'. This is using a barball and resting it on your should blades just under your neck and then press straight up with it. You're suppose to use nothing but your arms. We were doing five sets of five so we didn't use a lot of weight. I started with just the bar which is 45lbs, then added 10lbs to each side to make 65lbs and then added another 5lbs to each side making it 75lbs and that was a struggle so I went back down to 65lbs and finished off my sets. So you'd do a set and then your partner would do a set and while they were doing their set you had to go to a L-Sit Hold for fifteen to thirty seconds. Yeah that doesn't sound like a long time but man it was tough. I don't think I made it past 20 seconds and that was a challenge. I was going to try and explain what an L-Sit Hold is but it's difficult.. just the the actual workout.

After this workout we actually moved on to the "real" workout which consisted of 3 rounds of Hammer Curls, Brainz' and Sit Ups. As with most of our workouts this too was timed. We had an option to do Hard (Black), Medium (Blud) and Easy (Green). I opted for Blue and used 20lbs dumbbells. The Hammer Curls were fairly easy, but the Brainz on the other hand weren't so. Brainz are pretty much The Hammer Curls but lying on your back. So you have the weight coming at your face and it's your job to not smash your nose in. Getting the form down was a bit harder and my 20lbs weight was a bit to much for me so I dropped down to 15lbs for those. The Sit Ups are great and I'm happy to say that I finally have to form down perfectly. Of course on my third round all three of these activities were tough but I had Derek next to me encouraging me all the way.

As I said it was a good workout and didn't look like much on the board but looks can be deceiving.. I was exhausted after this workout.. but I'm usually exhausted after most workouts, but luckily I recoup in just a ten to fifteen minutes these days. Thanks Andrew for another amazing workout.

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