Sunday, March 15, 2015

Magic The Gathering at NerdStrong Gym

Back at NerdStrong but not for a workout, NerdStrong Gym have "special" game and movie nights among other events. Today was a Magic The Gathering get together. They were having a their "draft" and then playing some games but they also opened up the event to noobs who had never played Magic but wanted to. I fell into that category. Though I had played a few games of Magic back when it first came out in early 90's, I don't recall any game play.

There were four of us who were the noobs and Jason forfeited his game play so he could teach us... Thanks Jason. We had to choose a color of deck that we wanted to play with. We had a starter deck of only 30 cards. Jason explained the pros and cons of each color and I decided to go with my favorite color Green.

We started our first game and it was a slow process as we were new but eventually Jason was able to leave us and check out other game play and the four of use started to get the hang of it. I won my first game with my green cards and then I won my second game with my green cards, I was really loving my green deck. We switched players so all four of us got to play against each other, some several times. I really liked my green deck but wanted to check out other colors so I played with the blue deck and lost, then I played with the white deck and lost before finally playing with the red deck and barely winning... Green is definitely my color deck.

The Noobs :)
Overall it was a fun day, I was there from 1pm to 6ish and could have stayed longer but was getting hungry. I can see myself playing Magic again. I know we played a "dumbed" down version but once you get the rules down it's a pretty easy game to play. It really is just the luck of the draw and how you play the cards you are dealt.

I want to thank Andrew S & Derick for hosting this event, Jason for teaching me how to play and Andrew D & Marla for letting us use NerdStrong Gym to play in.

Next week is another game night (board games this time) and I'm really looking forward to it as the last one was a blast.

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