Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - The McFly

Today is Wednesday that means torture with Blair at NerdStrong Gym... I mean "CON" day, yay!! This workout is titled "Mcfly" it's an oldie but goody. Created by the master himself Andrew, which Blair kept reminding us among our grunts and groans.

I'm getting ahead of myself, we started with one of the most unusual warm ups that I have done so far. We did the typical butt kickers, legs stretches and such but the runs were different. Instead of doing a lap or two Blair had us skip a lap.. yep we skipped 250 meters around the parking lot. He then had us run backwards for 125 meters. Needless to say I was tired before the workout even began.

Now for the workout.. as I mentioned it's called "McFly" which of course is a Back to the Future reference. So everything is associated with 1955 & 1985. We first teamed up with a partner (mine was Jim) and then we started at 1985 meter row. The two of us could break it down how ever wanted as along as our combined meters hit 1985. We decided to do 150 meters at a time. Well towards the end Jim and I just wanted to finish so we tried to do as many as we could but we eventually got to 1985 meters.

Next we had to do 85 Front Squats.. we had many squat options but Jim and I decided on Goblet Squats. So we both grabbed a 15 lbs Kettle bell and got to work. Jim started and did 10 squats and then I did the next ten and so on until we hit 80 and then Jim did 3 and I did the last 2.

Next was the box jumps but both of us were already exhausted so we opted to hold weights and do Step Ups instead. We had to do 19 each and in my head I thought it meant 19 with both legs and got to six before I realized that it was one count per leg so I already did 12 and only had 7 more to do.

We then had to do 85 Push Ups, we opted to do five each and go back and forth until we hit 85. This is where I started to hit the wall. On my 30th or so push up my arms were starting to feel like jelly so I downgraded to "knee" push ups and finished that way.

Next were Pull Ups or Ring Rows. Jim opted for Pull Ups/Legs Ups and I did Ring Rows. We had to do 55 of these. I wound up doing 30 ring rows and Jim did 25 Pull Ups/Legs Ups.

We then had to do 19 Burpees each. Jim started doing his and I started mine and was doing pretty good until I got to about 10 and then I stood and started to feel dizzy. I took a minute, drank some water and rested. Blair was great as he said I could just give him 9 more regular push ups or even just skip the rest. I wanted to finish so after a few minutes I was feeling okay and did 9 more step out Burpees to finish the 19.

The final thing we had to do was complete a 1985 meter run (that's about eight laps around the parking lot). Jim started first and I wasn't feeling so hot so I sat down. Jim came back and I wasn't ready to take my lap so he rested for a few minutes and then did another lap. I went to my car and grabbed a Mandarin Orange and quickly consumed it. The sugar in the orange quickly got into my blood stream and after about five minutes, I was feeling better.. so much so that I did my four laps around the parking lot as Jim finished his two.

This was 50 minutes of straight workout and it was a hard work but we finished it. I can now say that I conquered "The McFly". Thanks to coach Blair for another exhausting workout.. I pushed myself to my limit and survived.... What's next!!!

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