Friday, March 20, 2015

Fast Food Abstinence & Game Night at NerdStrong

Yesterday marked my fifth day of eating no fast food, or any out food for that matter. If you know me you know this is a HUGE deal as I normally eat "out" three to four times a week. It was a struggle at first as I'd drive home from work I would be tired and it would be so easy to just stop by a fast food joint and pick up some dinner but I resisted. The first few days were tough but on the third I no longer thought about stopping. Instead I'd be thinking about what I was going to make for dinner when I got home. I know it's going to take work and I don't plan on giving up fast food for good but I do intent to cut back to once a week and make it more of a treat for workout so hard and eating properly all week.

Case in point, after work today I did break that fast food fast and went to El Pollo Loco for dinner and grabbed some chicken before heading to NerdStrong Gym.. not to workout but for another Game Night. This is the second NerdStrong Game Night that I have attended, actually third if you include the "Magic"session I went to a few weeks ago.

The last two I attended were a blast and this one was no different. I got there early so I helped Derek set the place after the Yogo class. People soon arrived and within a half hour we had three tables of games going. I was at a table with Lauren, Jamie and Justin. We started the night with Castle Panic, at first we were doing great and felt as though we could win this... well that didn't last long. Soon we were being bombared by trolls and they started knocking down our castle until there was only one wall left... we lost. But we did have fun defending it.

The next game the four of us played was something special, Justin actually created the game. This was a prototype and we got to test it out. The game is called Wu Wei and is very Asian centric. It involves Masters and Apprentices, the four seasons and chi. We played just the "beginner" version of the game. It looked complicated at first and takes awhile to set everything up but really once it was explained on how to play, it was very easy. I lost badly as I just couldn't catch a break but it was still a blast. Justin will be putting up a campaign on Kickstarter soon and I can't wait as I'll definitely help out anyway I can to get this game made.

After Wu Wei our little group split up and I joined a table with Or, Anne and Andrew and we were playing Love Letters. This was a lot like Coup that I played at the last game night. It was really fun but again like with the other games tonight I did horribly but had fun.

Game play ended around Midnight and we helped clean up the gym before calling it night. Another fun and successful Game Night at NerdStrong... can't wait for the next one.

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