Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Feeling Your Age

I'll be 45 years old this year (September 23rd to be exact) but I've never felt my age. I think being a geek and loving science fiction and fantasy has kept me young at heart. I collect action figures, toys and comic books. I watch alot of genre TV and I'm very active on social media and keep up on all the latest gadgets. I also tend to have friends who are younger then me. So to me age is just a number and I don't really give it much thought... well that was until recently. The past six months or so my health hasn't been 100%. My poor eating and lack of exercise has finally caught up with me and there are times I'm feeling my age.

Most notably are my current NerdStrong workouts. 95% of the workouts are great. I push myself just enough and feel the burn and recover in ten to fifteen minutes.  But then there are those workouts where I push myself a bit to far and suddenly my blood sugar drops and I'm incapacitated for a few minutes and it takes a few hours to recover. It's extremely frustrating as my mind knows I can do the workout but my body isn't allowing me. Now I know that my age is only a factor in this equation and that my weight does play a big part.. and I know in time things will get better as I continue to get healthier but it doesn't stop me from feeling frustrated at myself for failing and feeling my age.

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