Monday, April 27, 2015

Doctors Visit... Good News!!

Today was my check up with my new doctor. I got an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder a few weeks ago and last week I gave some blood. Today I was getting all the test results... where to start. First of all my kidneys and bladder look great. My doctors feels that the extra levels of serum creatatine in my blood is from my large muscle mass, she says if the numbers stay were they are she's not really concerned, so will just continue to monitor.

Next we were seeing if my triglyceride were effected by being taken off, what my doctor felt, was an unnecessary medicine. And she was right.. my numbers were fine without the medicine, so she's going to keep me off it for now. I asked about being taken off my other meds (I take a pill for cholesterol and 2 pills for high blood pressure). She wants me to stay on the cholesterol medicine until I get to my more ideal weight and then will give it a go and she also wants me to stay on one of my blood pressure medicine indefinitely as it actually helps my kidneys but one of my blood pressure medicine she said I can can discontinue and then monitor my blood pressure everyday and see what happens. So I'll give that a go.. less pills make Kenny a happy boy.

The really BIG NEWS and the thing I was waiting to hear about was my A1C (blood sugar) numbers. Six months ago I clocked in with a 6.4, which put me on the verge of being a diabetic (which is 6.5 or higher). Three months ago after changing my diet and running every day I manged to get the number to 6.0, still considered pre-diabetic but moving in the right direction. Well today after 6 months of diet change, 3 months of running and 3 months of NerdStrong... I am happy to say that my A1C number is now at 5.7, which is only .1 away from being "normal" and no longer considered pre-diabetic.

I can't believe how far I have come in the past six months. I've lost 30lbs, gone down one shirt size and two pant sizes. The shape of my body is changing and I'm finally seeing the weight lose in my face. I don't know what the next six months will have in store for me but if they were anything like the last six, it's gonna be good.

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