Thursday, April 30, 2015

Proof Is In The Pictures

So I was looking through pictures on Facebook and I came across a picture of me from back in October of last year. I thought to myself.. I look a bit heavier in this picture and this is when I was at my heaviest of 219 lbs. So I figured I'd do a before and after picture to kind of see if there was any difference. When I put the pictures next to each other I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm currently down to 189 lbs so I've lost 30 pounds over the past six months and I have seen the difference in my body shape as I've gone down a shirt size and several pant sizes but I've never noticed it on my face... well that was until I saw these two picture next to each other.

Before, I was 219 lbs... After, I am 189 lbs... that 's a lose of 30lbs in 6 months
OMG!!! Have I lost weight, what is crazy is that I didn't notice it at all, and though I still think my face looks fat, I can see an significant weight lose. I guess because I see my face everyday you don't notice the weight lose.. unlike my shirt and pants size you can't really tell if your losing weight in your face but when comparing pictures.. there is no doubt.

I still have another 25lbs that I'd like to lose and I'm sure I'll lose a bit more in my face but it's nice to know that my six months of hard work (working out everyday and eat healthier) has paid off. Just think of what I can do in my next six month!!

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