Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - The Nerdy Thirty Workout

Today is a CON day and Coach Blair is back.. dun, dun, dun....

You can tell he missed us because his workout is just crazy. I usually get to class about 15 minutes before the start time and watch the earlier class finish up. You can always tell if the workout is going to be a good/tough one by the amount of gasping and sweating that's going on. Well this time folks looked tired but several of them saw me and said "Run"... "Run while you still can..". Now I've never considered not doing a workout after seeing what was planned but having folks actually tell me to leave while I still can didn't bode so well, but I didn't listen and stuck it out.

The warm up alone should have been the first sign. We did something called "Death by 10 meters" They mark out a 10 meter section and you start on one end. When coach says go you sprint to the other end.. it's not so bad. Then you get a :30 second break and have to do it again.. this time you are going 20 meters, so that means up and back. Again you sprint it and get another :30 second break before doing 30 meters.. this pattern continues until you are struggling to finish 150 meters with in the time allotted. In total we sprinted 1200 meters.. OMG!!

Now that we were extremely exhausted we began the "Nerdy Thirty Workout". As the name would suggest we did 30 reps of each of the items listed with no breaks and we had to complete it within 30 minutes. We started with Goblet Squats, then moved on to Dumbbell Shoulder Press, next was Plank Ups (which we renamed Pinkos). We then moved on to Box Jumps, then Dumbbell Bicep Curls and then Weighted Sit Ups. I was tired but feeling pretty good when I moved on to Wall Balls and then Renegade Rows. After the rows I was feeling a bit light headed. I took a few seconds to try and breath and relax a bit and the dizziness passed. I started the Overhead Kettlebell Swings and the dizziness came back in full force. I did about half of the reps before having to stop and sit.

Coach Blair asked me not to sit, instead stand and lean against the wall to help with breathing. Well that only lasted a minute as the dizziness wasn't going away and my vision and hearing started to be effected. Coach Blair then had me lie on my back and elevate my legs and just lay there.. that actually did the trick. After a few minutes my vision and hearing cleared up and the dizziness was gone. I was determined to finish in the allotted time. Everyone around me was finishing up while I finished my Overhead Kettlebell Swings and then moved on to the dreaded Burpees. I manged to get 15 done fairly easy but then had to tackle 5 at a time as I was exhausted and the dizziness was starting to return. Slowly but surely I finished all 30 Burpees and did it within the allotted time.

Towards the end all the other Nerdstrongers were done so they gathered around me and helped cheer me on for my final 15 burpees.. that was a huge help of encouragement. Just one of the many reasons I love this gym. Thanks coach Blair for the great workout and for helping get through the rough patch.

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