Sunday, April 26, 2015

Potter Podcast, Pathfinder Fun & Dinner with Friends

Today my friend Rico (of Treks in Sci Fi Podcast) released the next podcast in our Harry Potter series were he and I talk about the third installment, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We cover both book and movie. This is my favorite book and possible my favorite movie. Take a listen as we talk details about the movie, our favorite parts and little known behind the scene facts. You can take a listen to the podcast HERE.

After Nerdstrong I came home and got ready for D&D/Pathfinder, today's session was starting a few hours earlier then our usual time but this actual worked out for me as I have plans in the evening and will still have to leave an hour before the session is suppose to end.

Today session started three days after our last two session battle. We were all healthy and back up to full HP. Our new quest is to infiltrate an Orc camp, we have to do this by finding a group of Orcs in the forest, kill them and then use hair or other body parts to put into a potion that will change our appearance into them (ala Polyjuice Potion in Harry Potter).

The first few days were uneventful and then the party found ourselves in the middle of a wild boar stampede. While we were trying to not be tramped we realized that these boars were running from giant Dire Wolves. It took a few of Dash's magic missiles and a a bunch of stabbing from the others but we manage to kill all five of the wolves.

We then came upon a small campsite with what looked to be four shady characters, a troll, a hobgoblin, and two humanoid males. Several of us tried to stealth in but due to some clumsy party members (bad dice roll) we were discovered. We also had one of our party members try to seduce the orcs but they were having none of it. Dash managed to get a few Fireballs off before I had to leave the party in the middle of the battle. I don't know how or even if it ended. I'll find out more next week when we continue our fifth adventure in Pathfinder... stay tuned.

And just a side note DM Dallas re-did my character token (as my original was a drawing and the rest were more realistic) but I'm actually happy with the new look of Dash.. He's one hot looking Halfing.. Also Dallas re-did Percy who's an NPC character that's been with us for a while now. Percy and Dash's friendship has blossomed into a quiet relationship... and after seeing Percy's new picture.. I total understand why Dash is attracted to him and vice verse. Two little Halfings in love.

Anyways.. after D&D/Pathfinder I headed back to my place as several of my friends were coming over for dinner and some games. Bruce, Martin, Moises, John, Tom and Ervin all arrived around 6pm and we enjoyed some spaghetti (which I made) and meatballs (which my friend Tom made). Along with some garlic bread and salad (made my Moises). It was a nice dinner and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We then played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity before moving on to a fun game of Yahtzee. After Yahtzee, Martin, John and Moises said goodnight while Tom, Ervin, Bruce and I hung out for another half hour or so and just chatted. It was a nice way to end the evening.

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