Thursday, April 30, 2015

Star Wars Rebels & Dinner with Jes

Today they announced the premiere date for season two of Star Wars Rebels. It's set to premiere on Disney XD June 20th.  Though I don't have Disney XD I'm still super excited for the premiere as I have other means of obtaining episodes. They also released this awesome poster for season 2 with Darth Vader and my favorite Ahsoka Tano. I know they said both of these characters aren't main characters and will only be in a few episodes this season but it's still super exciting to see them on the poster.

And if you're not watching Star Wars Rebels you are really missing out. In fact until May 4th you can watch all of season 1, which is only 13 episodes. Just follow the link..

And no you don't need to have watched The Clone Wars before hand.. but with that said.. The Clone Wars is pretty fantastic and a definite watch.. thought that series will take you a bit longer to watch as there are 121 episodes over six seasons.

During the evening I had a dinner date with one of my favorite ladies that I don't get to see as often as I'd like... Jes.  We met up at Pitfire around 8, ordered food. Jes got her kale salad fairly quick while I waited for my pizza, about 20 minutes in I told Jes that this was taking a bit to long. The place was busy but they are usually good at getting food out to the tables quickly. Another five minutes pass before I flag down my waitress and ask about my pizza. She goes away for about five minutes and then returns asking if I knew who took my order (this didn't bode well). I handed her my receipt and she left again. Now waiting a total of about 35 minutes she returns and says that they just put my order in and it will be out asap. She also apologized and handed me back the money that I had paid for the pizza.

About ten minutes later my pizza arrived, Jes of course was completely done with her salad by now so she watched me devour my pizza quickly as I was already hungry before they lost my order. About ten minutes later the waitress came by and placed two packages on our table, smiled and walked away. Come to find out she gave us two gigantic chocolate chip cookies to enjoy.

Even though they lost my order and it took more then a half hour to get my food, I can't complain. I got a delicious pizza for free and both Jes and I got some very tasty cookies for free as well. And all that waiting didn't matter because I was able to chat with Jes and catch up on each others lives... So win win all around!!

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