Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Today I worked on a bunch of podcast stuff. I have a MASH 4077 Podcast due on May 1st and I hadn't even started editing it yet. So I spent a few hours cutting it together and polishing it off. I don't know why I can't get ahead with this podcast. When I record with my co-hosts we do six or so episodes at a time and my intention is to edited as many of them as I can as early as possible but it always seems I wait until the last possible minute to get it edited. I'm hoping I can change that habit, as when I'm forced to get something done it's no longer fun and becomes a job which I don't want my podcasting to become.

Afterwards I prepared notes for an upcoming Treks in Sci Fi guest podcast that I'll be doing with my fellow Treks in Sci-fi buddy Chris. Treks in Sci Fi is the same podcast that I am currently doing the Harry Potter podcasts with host Rico.

Chris and I have been wanting to co-host a podcast together for over a year and schedules never meshed or I would get busy and just not the have time. Today I finally said screw it.. asked him if he wanted to record in May and we set a time and date.

So I spent the next few hours gathering notes on one of my all time favorite fantasy movies Willow. After prepping the notes I can honestly say that I learned quite a bit and I'm looking forward to discussing this topic for the podcast.

I also might have another podcast in the works.. I can't say much right now but this one will be completely different from all my other podcasts.

Here's the status of all of my podcasts, past, present and future

The Ready Room Podcast This was my very first podcast, it was actually a mini cast for Treks in Sci Fi podcast which I use to send in comments to all the time. I also joined their forums and started an RPG Star Trek game there. This podcast was part of that RPG game and each episode we'd do dramatic readings of the story.. it was kind of like an audio drama. It lasted for 67 episodes and I made some amazing friends during this time. I also caught the podcasting bug and my life we never be the same.

The Knights of the Guild This is the official podcast for the webseries The Guild. I volunteered for season two as I was a huge fan of season one. I shot, edited and produced on all the BTS stuff for the DVD's of Seasons 2 & 3. During season three I came up with the idea of doing a companion cast for the webseries (one of the first ever) and continued to do that for the remaining seasons. This podcast kind of just faded away, I did a total of 128 podcasts, companion casts, and mini casts. I'm still hoping to do one final goodbye aka "Where are they now" kind of podcast to finish off this podcast.

Confession of the Fanboy When I first came up with the idea I wanted to chat with everyday geeks and nerds about their love of the genre. It never really fully become what I had in my head and after 12 episodes I placed this podcast on an indefinite hold. I may re-tool the idea and bring it back but right now it's on the back burner.

Alien Nation The Newcomer Podcast I'm a huge fan of Alien Nation and so is my brother. I've been wanting to do a podcast with him as we have some great chemistry. This podcast is still on going but due to my brother's family life, finding time to record has proven difficult at times and this podcast has taken some rather long hiatus'. We've been down since February of 2015 but I do hope to get some new podcast recorded very soon. We've done 33 episodes for this podcast so far.

My Gimpy Life Podcast Like with The Guild this podcast is a companion cast for the webseries My Gimpy Life. This podcast is only active when the series is and we are currently waiting to hear if there will be a season three or not. So far I have done 19 episodes for this podcast.

MASH 4077 Podcast I have always been a fan of MASH and wanted to create a podcast that looked at each episode.. one at a time. There were no other MASH podcasts on itunes at the time and I figured I could fill the niche. I asked two of my fellow Treks in Sci Fi forum friends Al and Meds if they wanted to join me and both accepted. This is now my longest running and currently most popular podcast getting 60,000 to 70,000 feed hits a month. We've done 106 episodes so far and we are only half way through the series.

The Geek Roundtable This is my general geek podcast that I have been wanting to do for years. If you notice all my podcast are pretty specific to one thing and I've always wanted to do a general geek podcast as I'm a fan of many geeky things. The idea of the podcast came to me and my former co-host Jen back in Oct. of 2010. We called it Epic Geek Out!!! Well time past and lives got busy and the idea kind of faded away. In 2012 I revived the idea but Epic Geek Out was taken so I changed the name to The Geek Roundtable and I also tweaked the concept a little bit. My former co-host Jen was busy with her own podcast and her family so I asked my friend Charles to co-host it with me. I even created a promo and was moving forward when life got in the way again and this podcast went on the back burner. Now in 2015 I decided that this is it.. this podcast is going to get off the ground. My co-host Charles moved on to his own podcast so I decided instead of having a co-host I'll just have several guest hosts... so I've booked some guest hosts and set up some topics when fate would get in the way again.. I found a job and once again this podcast has been put on hiatus. But no more.. I'm determined to get this podcast up and running by the summer. I don't care what I have to do but this podcast is going happen.. so stay tuned for more information about my all new geeky podcast.

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