Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Walking the Tightrope

It was nice taking off Monday but it's always great to get back to NerdStrong Gym. Today's workout was  good one.

We started with lots of stretching of our calves, then some pole squats before finishing with a tempo push ups.. oh and we had to do this warm up two times.

Coach Andrew said this week we'd be working on our balance. First thing he had planned was called a Tightrope. You usually use 2x4's but we didn't have any so instead we just used some tape that was on the floor. You'd think this would be a piece of cake.. yeah it wasn't.. at least not for me. We only had to walk the length of the gym, which is about 30 feet but that took some effort. Then on the way back he put several obstacles in our way and we had to step over them while not "falling" off the tightrope. We did another pass and this time he had us do it on our hands and feet. This was particularly tough when we had to go over the obstacles and was even harder for me as I am extremely short and had a tough time getting over those things. We then did it backwards.. if you thought going forward was tough, going backwards was another thing entirely. And the final pass was walking forward but having to hop over the obstacles while not "falling" off the tightrope. Needless to say that I learned I still have a ways to go on my balancing.

Next we did Ring Rows but these were different then our usual Ring Rows. We did 3 sets of 7 and this time we had to do Palms Down Ring Rows which really makes it alot more difficult to do them. We also had to do Vertical Ring Rows, which were even harder then the Palms Down version. And thought I love doing Ring Rows I was happy when this skill was over.

We then moved on to 4 rounds of 7x Box Jumps and 5x Nurpees.. yes that's Nurpees. They are the same as Burpees but without the push up. And I have to say they are alot easier to do when your tired.

We rested for 5 minutes before moving on to our final 10 minutes of workout. We had to do 3x Wall Balls and 3x Kettlebell Swings and then increase x3 for every round. Coach Andrew said that we should be able to get to 12x each of those things.. I'm happy to say that I got up to 15x each of those thing. So in the end I did 45x Wall Balls and 45x Kettlebell Swings in less then 10 minutes.. not a bad way to end a workout.

Thanks Couch Andrew for all that you do!!

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