Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Agents of SHIELD S2 Finale - My Thoughts

::There will be spoilers:: So tonight I got home from work and purposely stayed up an extra hour so I could watch the season finale of Agents of SHIELD season two... and man was it crazy good!!! I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll just go person by person.. let's start with Jiaying, Cal and Daisy (Skye).

I have to say it's tough to call Jiaying a "bad person". What she was doing was wrong but she was doing it to save her people and I can't fault her for that. As the episode progressed she got worse and worse until you knew there was only one things they could do to stop her.

Now for Cal I never thought this character would have ever been redeemable but man the writers did it. They took this crazy Jekyll and Hyde type person who killed many times and turn him into a love lorn, devoted father who would do anything for his daughter. Even at the end he was willing to accept his fate and be jailed for life, but of course Coulson stepped in and gave him the TAHITI treatment to live the rest of his life happy and unaware of his past life and the fact that he has a daughter.

Skye went from turning against SHIELD, loved the short but cool fight between May and Skye, to finding out that her mother is a crazy person when she killed Raina in front of her and then tried to use the excuse that Raina betrayed them. Skye kicked butt in this episode, I especially liked the fight with the multiplying girl. And of course we have the end fight with her Mom, but luckily Cal shows up and not wanting Skye to have to kill her own mother does it for her. It's kind of sad as the main focus of Skye the past two seasons was finding her parents and now that she did, one is killed in front of her and the other has his mind wiped. Also she tired to prevent her mom from spreading the mist to the general public but by doing so Skye accidentally set things in motion, the mist leaked into the ocean, fish absorbed it, then fish were caught and turned into fish oil that is now being put on store shelves... season three is gonna see alot more Inhumans.

Raina also kind of redeemed herself a little bit by sacrificing herself so Skye could see her mother's true colors and not side with the Inhumans. Raina had the vision on her own death and looking back at her final conversation with Skye, she said that Skye would lead the Inhumans and that this conversation would be their last. I enjoyed Raina and it will said to see her go.

Coulson was great in this finale, always level headed and knew that something must be up with Jiaying..  he also managed to calm down the now Hyde version of Cal, and get him to help them fight the Inhumans. And of course you have one of the many shocking moments when he saves everyone on the ship from the mist but by touching the crystal he infects himself and slowly starts to turn to stone but Mack has the idea to chop off Coulson's arm before it spread to the rest of his body.

Speaking of Mack, we thought he was quitting SHIELD but after the Inhumans killed Gonzales he couldn't leave without getting more details. He had some of the best lines in the finale and as I mentioned above it was his quick thinking that save Coulson's life.

Now to talk about Bobbi, Hunter, Ward and Agent 33. Let's start with Ward, I didn't think I could dislike him any more then I already do but I was wrong. I'm to the point where I dislike this character so much that I wish for his death in every scene he's in. He is truly an unredeemable character and I'm so happy that they aren't trying to do that with him. Though he didn't die in this finale he did kill the woman he loved and this might sound horrible but I was happy when that happen. He doesn't deserve to be happy and the fact that she died at his own hands was fantastic.

The torture scene with Bobbi was brutal, things being shoved up a person fingernails is always hard to watch but when Bobbi broke free and started kicking ass after hours of torture, you couldn't help but love her even more. She kicked Wards ass and if it wasn't for Agent 33 she probably would have won. There was some fantastic choreography happening with that fight. And then we have the scene with Hunter and the booby trap. We knew they still loved each other and she was willing to die for him.. luckily she doesn't but her fate is unknown because at the end of her scene she tells Hunter that she doesn't want to do this anymore and we assume she is talking about SHIELD.. so will have to see what happens in season three.

May didn't really play a huge part in this finale. But she did have alot of growth and by the end we see a little bit of the "old" May when she decides to take a vacation with her ex-husband. I love the fact that she's ready to kill Ward and I'm hoping one day it happens.

Fitz helps fight Gordan and is actually the one who kills him, though it wasn't by his doing as Gordan reappeared around the pipe that Fitz was holding impaling himself in the chest.

Fitz and Simmons also revisit their relationship, now that they’re friends again, Simmons wants to bring up the topic they haven’t discussed since they were at the bottom of the ocean. Fitz isn’t really into discussing his feelings for her, since there’s no point, until Simmons says there might actually be a point. And of course at the very end of the episode we get the biggest OMG moment of the night. Fitz accidentally unlatches the box the Kree artifact is in when he leave the room and when Simmons notices it she goes to lock it back up but then suddenly the artifacts melts, attacks and swallow Simmons whole before hardening back into stone. The terror in her eye is heartbreaking.

Click on the picture to relive the horror.. poor Jemma :(

So that's it.. that's how season two ends. I think both Erik and were just speechless.. I remember looking at him on the video screen and he had to mouth open and I managed to get out.. Oh My God!! What Just Happened!!!

We now must wait four or so months before we get to see what happens next. I have loved Agents of SHIELD since episode one even when alot of people weren't fans. But the second half of season one and all of season two has been amazing. Face paced and no time to breath. I can't wait to see what's in-store of our team of agents in season three.

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