Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - 2 Minute Tests

After having Monday off it was nice to get back into the gym. It's a DEX day which is usually a little less tiring then CON days.

We started with a pretty hefty warm up using bands to stretch out our shoulders and back. We then moved on to what felt like more yoga poses then stretching.. but I guess some of those things are one in the same.

This week at Nerdstrong it finding a base line for our various workouts. Yesterday they did a 1 rep max for back squats. I didn't workout yesterday but luckily I did a one rep max on back squats a few weeks ago so I have my number for that.

Today we did two 2 minute tests for Box Jumps and Push Ups. This really wasn't about seeing how many you could do in those two minutes, it was more about form and doing them properly. For box jumps I manged to do 28 of them in two minutes and for push ups I surprised myself and did 30 in two minutes.. yeah I'm as surprised as you. Because 7am classes have become the new "cool" time to workout they are full which means we had to do these tests in waves and this left about six minutes to finish the final workout of the day and it was a good one.

We had to try and do 3 rounds of 20x sit ups (coach Andrew wanted me to try and do them without the ab-mat and weight for the feet), 50x Jump ropes, which I've always been good at jumping rope since I was s kid and 20x Kettlebell Walking Lunges, which I thought would kill me. After doing Sunday's workout my glutes and hamstrings were sore and to have to do these again was extremely difficult.  I manged to do 2 full rounds and begin the third set of sits up before time ran out.

After the tough weekend workouts it was nice to have a less strenuous workout today.. but tomorrow is CON day and you all know how much I love CON days.

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