Sunday, May 10, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Mad Max Style

Today's team/themed workout is all about Mad Max: Fury Road Our goal was to get "gas" from one location to another.

Once again we are at the local park as they are currently tearing down the wall between the "old" gym and "new" gym. Coaches for today's workout were coach Andrew, coach Blair, coach Marla, coach David and coach Christy who helped with warm up but did the workout as well as we were down one person to make even teams.

First we partnered up.. I teamed up with Jason. For warm up we had to do a joint sandbag carry around the park. This wasn't to bad, while we walked Jason and I talked about your recent lose of weight, he's lost 25lbs while I've lost 30. We talked about buying new clothes or having to wear a belt now.

After the warm up coach Andrew explained the workout. There are five stations "benches" throughout the park. Each station has a particular workout. Station 1 we had to do 40x Burpees (remember we split everything in half). Station 2 had 100x Knee Up/Step Up. Station 3 had 100x Plyo Push Ups. Station 4 had 100x Bench Dips and the final station, station 5 had 100 Lemon Squeezes.

Now that was only half the workout, in-between stations one person had to carry a sandbag while the other person carried a weight over head and did lunges. You could switch back and forth with your partner as many times as needed.

So Jason and I had to decide where to start. We opted to start at station 5 because the distance from station 5 to station 1 was the longest and if we had to do the sandbag hold and weight overhead lunges, we wanted to get the worst of it over while we were still fresh. It was a good idea but also meant we were going to be spent once we hit station 1 and then we had to do 20x Burpees each which made us even more tired... but we did get all the extremely difficult stuff out of the way first.

I think the hardest things for us as a team was the walk between stations. Lunges weren't Jason's best things so I would try and do more but we choose a 25lbs weight to hold and it got tough after a while.

This was an exhausting workout but a good one.. much like yesterday's Escape from Shelob workout. Thanks to all the coaches from their continued support and encouragement.

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