Saturday, May 16, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Laps & Thrusters

Today was the first workout in the newly expanded NerdStrong Gym. What is funny is that when we all arrived and was waiting for the warm up to begin we were all standing in the new section of the gym.

It's different now that the gym has doubled in size. When we go to warm up or do our work out we not go to both sides of the gym and the coaches stand in the middle. So when you're working out you are looking at fellow NerdStrongers across from you.

Lots of leg/calf stretches in todays warm up. We also did a bit of yoga with 1 minute of Downward Dog with heel pulse.

For the workout itself it looked simply but I know looks can be deceiving and this one was tough. We started with a 1 lap run/jog around the parking lot. We then came back in and did 20x Thrusters. This is what was different about these Thrusters, we could do them either with dumbbells (my usual way) or with a barbell (Thanks to the larger gym and having more room). I figured I'd try something new so I did my 20x with a barbell (53lbs of weight). I have to say doing them with a barbell it felt like I had more control over the thrusters and I liked that.

We then went for a run/jog two times around the parking lot and then coming back and doing 30x Thrusters with a barbell. We then did 3 laps around the parking lot and came back in and did 40x Thrusters. These last 40 were tough, I would do 10 and then rest a thirty seconds before doing 10 more until my 40 were done.

This to me was a perfect workout as it pushed me to my limit but I didn't feel like I pushed myself to far. Once we were done it only took a minute or two to recoup from the workout and then I felt great.

BTW the group picture to the right is the new NerdStrong Gym Nerd Salute. It's pretty awesome!!!

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