Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Amazing Children's Book & Video

I came across this short video called "The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived" Here's a quick synopsis: Cedric grew up poor and honest on a pumpkin farm, and dreamt of becoming a knight. One day he showed his courage by tricking a would-be carriage thief, and earned the chance to make his dream come true! After years of training, Cedric set off to find an adventure of his own by battling a fire-breathing dragon to save a prince and a princess. However, it was after the adventure that Cedric revealed that he'd like to marry the prince, and not the princess. 

The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived is a modern fairytale which sets out to prove that sometimes the bravest thing you can do is choose for yourself how your fairytale ends!

I instantly feel in love with this story. I did a ton of research to find out more info about it and unfortunately there really isn't much out there. I do know that it's based on a book written by Daniel Errico and after an hour of searching online with no luck, found out that it's only available in a digital format.. which is a bummer.

In my research I found another "animated" (it's more like still images from the book) version of the book that was released a few years ago on Viemo when the book actually came out, you can watch that video HERE.

The video below was just released on Hulu and it's a slightly more animated version with the same narration as the vimeo version. Needless to say I'd love to have this book (an actual book) so I could read it to my niece and nephew. It would be great if it was in school libraries to show young kids that love is love. One thing I loved about the story is the fact that Cedric wants to marry the Prince and no one bats an eye about it, it's completely "normal"... as it should be.

I wish I had books like these when I was a kid, would have made my childhood so much easier, well maybe not easier but I wouldn't have felt so alone. I know this is just a children's book but it touched my heart and I will forever be thankful for finding it.

BTW.. best part of the book is at the end after the Princess says she wants to marry Cedric.. his response is...

"Princess, you are kind and I am glad that we are friends
But now I must be brave and say that isn’t how it ends
There’s someone else I love and I believe we’re meant to be
I’d like to wed the prince if he does feel the same for me."

Makes me tear up everytime I read it. Please take the eight minutes to watch this amazing video and story and share it with everyone, especially if they have young children.

Well I can't get the video to embed so just follow THIS link.

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